Madras Patchwork Fabrics -Sep 2016 collection

New collection of Madras Patchwork fabrics are available for our customers.

Madras Patchwork fabrics are made from 100 % cotton material fabric. And we have more than 200 designs of madras patchwork fabric.

Madras fabric patchwork is fundamentally madras fabric cut into cut into strips and then sewn together to shape patches of squares of 3×3 inch size.



Madras Check Patchwork Fabric -# sspw2274
Madras Patchwork Fabrics-Sep 2016 collection


Product Details :-

*Product- Madras Patchwork Fabric
*Fabric GSM 150-250
*Width 43/44″
*Material- cotton
*Patch size-3×3″




You can get sample swatches by providing us your international courier account no. with courier (like FEDEX or DHL or UPS  etc).


  • Plain collection photos are-
  • Twill 3×3″ Collection photos are-
  • Twill 4×4″ collection photos are –

The procedure starts with an expert planner selecting distinctive patterns to shape a blend of outlines. These mixes can some of the time incorporate 2,3,5 and even 15 diverse base fabrics and can wind up framing a patchwork that is truly splendid and a fascinating blend of colors.The fabric is firstly sliced into strips equivalent to the width, yet 3, 4 or 5 inches in individual width.These portions of distinctive hues and patterns are then masterminded in the request in which the patch is to be shaped, according to the creators guidelines.

These fabrics don’t require any kind of handling once the patchwork sewing is finished.